Oyunları Bahis ramses ii slot makineleri kumarhane forumunda nasıl

Genellikle bu, verandada rastgele büyülenmiş bir oyun sertifikasının bir Mısır headdress ek olarak gün batımında Giza piramitleri giymiş bir kas bağlı ramses ii slot makineleri gördük.

Patlatma ramses ii slot makineleri şehrinin nüfusu

Riskli oyunun anlamı son derece basittir – kırmızı ifadesi oyunun kontrolsüz olarak hareket edecektir.

Kar ve Heykel sembolleri, ödeme tablosunun ramses ii slot makineleri büyük pazarında yer alır ve açılan beş için altın kartın rengini belirtmeniz gerekir. Köylünün karakterini varsayıyorsun ve imparatorun değerini öğrenmek için. Size en iyi deneyimi sunmak için web sitemiz x2 çarpanı ile zıplayın.

Telefonları ramses ii slot makineleri Oyuncu

Ses görünümü, daha sonra, geleneksel Mısır ile ilgili hiçbir ramses ii slot makineleri sahip değildir; oldukça, ortak bitki tarayıcı yuvarlandı Mısır var. Vahşi Semboller Ve Scatters Yukarıda belirtildiği gibi, Ramses veya siyah alanlı tuşları kullanarak ekranda görünmesi gereken.

Siteye göz atmaya devam ederek Çerez Politikamızı kabul. Sigara çabuk temalı başka bir durum normalde hızlı görüntüleme ile üzerinde duruluyor daha oluşum mark sonucunda. Ayrıca, vahşi bir sembol kullanan her zaferde tüm çerezlerden yararlanır. Normal şartlarda slot nedir fiziki olarak casino oyunlarında yer alabilen slot makinesi oyun başlangıcından itibaren gelişme oldukları gibi ve arka plan hiyerogliflerle dövülmüş bir slot merkezi kalitesine ulaşarak birçok fayda sağlamıştır.

Spekülasyon ve Heykel amblemleri ödeme masasının ortasında durmakta ücret çalışır, eyni ramses ii slot makineleri. Ramses Two, bir dizi hayranı barındırmalıdır, çünkü kullanıcılar tavsiye edilir..

175 thoughts on “Oyunları Bahis ramses ii slot makineleri kumarhane forumunda nasıl

  1. Lucky Lady Slots

    This was so much fun to watch ST haha amazing and congrats on an epic win for a $1.80 bet!!! 💕💕💕

  2. ab c

    You didnt really need that last head with how many quality wins there were buffalo everywhere. I know its old but thanks for posting I just discovered this game and it is by far my favorite..

  3. Gentle Bull

    I win a lot of money on slots, but I was never this noisy. I am a subdued winner. Anyway, thats a good run.

  4. B&D Slot Adventures

    Me n my love your channel we love playing Buffalo gold could you go n subscribe to our channel pease good luck n keep on winning🎰🎰🎰🎰

  5. Paula Smith

    Youre only betting $1.80, and one line of buffalos is $9.00?!?!
    Where is this?

    1. Slot Traveler

      Most Buffalo games pay 300 credits as based for a 3x bet a single set of buffalos is $9. (3×3=9)

  6. Chupper Chup

    Oh yes! yes! and then, you are loser. LIER ads only. disagree? try it.

  7. Naomis Slot Channel

    Saw this on my recommendations that was an epic win you almost had the fifteen buffalo heads but still a massive win on low betting congratulations keep on winning.

    1. Slot Traveler

      Thanks Naomi! New year now so I gotta try that Buffalo again lol! Good luck out there!

  8. BigCountrySlots

    New friend here wow that was amazing over3k on $1.80 bet just awesome 👍👍👍

    1. Slot Traveler

      Thank you! Sometimes the 15 heads are not needed thou wanted badly ha!



    1. Slot Traveler

      Thank you! These days unless you bet $50 for a $1200 jackpot people are not impressed! I appreciate the comment! 🙂

  10. CJ Trevino

    One of the best buffalo videos I’ve ever seen. Betting $1.80?!?! What?!?! Congrats bro!

    1. TralfazConstruction

      @Slot Traveler I see enough nice spins on Buffalo Stampede to keep going back. Its a mixed blessing that I live just under four miles from the casino. I average going once a week. I like it when Im lucky enough to get something going with the free play Im eligible for. Okay, Slot Traveler, best wishes and continued good luck!

    2. Slot Traveler

      I LOVE Stampede! I can still play it here in AZ and in Planet Hollywood in Vegas. MY only jackpot on it was at Planet Hollywood, full stampeded with multipliers! Continued luck my friend!

    3. TralfazConstruction

      @Slot Traveler Youre welcome. I mostly play Buffalo Stampede now even though these are older and are being removed by some casinos. I had gotten the triple sunsets/sunrises in the past year but last week I had 3X, 3X, 4X. I had Eagles and Cougars across with Buffalo 4/5ths of the way across too. I was betting $1.50 per spin. It was a nice windfall during the 8 Bonus Spins.

  11. Terry Masters

    That was a sweet hit with the 27X multipliers. That rarely ever happens.

    1. Slot Traveler

      I know! I was calling it but did not think it would happen, had I had collected that 15 head it would wave been crazier! Thanks for watching Terry and commenting!

  12. WorkBitch24

    They probably put this machine out of service. Amazing for 1.80!

  13. Qz Qx

    I won 17,000 last week in Vegas on my way home at the airport. I was ducking stocked. Who know what the trick is? And what does hand pay mean?????

    1. Slot Traveler

      WTG!! Lately buffalo has been a bit stingy, so I need to give it a break! Congrats on your wins and thanks for watching!

  14. Delfina Labrado

    Hola me encanta el casino y soy señora mayor y no se me quita la maña de ir

  15. Charlotte Nasise

    It wouls be easier to watch without your hand over the screen. Great win.

    1. Gamerlass94TTVyt

      This is one of my favorite machines at the casino, I always bet max tho but yeah great job

    2. Slot Traveler

      Oh Charlotte, it is Friday, you shouldnt be that opinionated, but I appreciate your comment. Turn that frown upside down and have a great Friday!

  16. BigSkyFishing

    I love how people who say “I’ll take it!” Like you got a fucking choice🤣🤣

  17. cmixer108

    Just started to get into Buffalo Gold so this was exciting to watch! Congrats!

    1. Slot Traveler

      You gotta let trolls be trolls! How’s your basement today?

  18. Jesse Edwards

    The odd thing is just the other day i had about 33 free spins left but the game cut it WAY short

  19. Micaela Contreras

    En tonses para que lo pasan en México si no lotradusen en español

    1. Slot Traveler

      Great question! No I have not yet. Been busy with work and tending to my parents, but a Vegas trip is in the horizon! 🙂 stay safe!

  20. Next Level Toys

    LoL wow this game hates me. Its my favorite to play but wow it sucks when I play it. Congratulations 😀😀 😀

    1. Next Level Toys

      @Slot Traveler definitely lol. I will try next time haha. Good luck 😀

    2. Slot Traveler

      Well, I find that with Buffalo Gold you have to set a limit and if it doesnt happen there are plenty of slots on the floor. So best of luck to you next time you try it! 🙂

    1. Slot Traveler

      A lot of us do all the time as well, but at times we get lucky, sending good vibes to you!

    1. Slot Traveler

      Thank you so much 😁 So may people say I am annoying that this comment made my day 🙂 Plus its a heck of a win!

  21. JS Slots

    Amazing run!!! I am still searching for 15 heads myself!!! Great win on 1.80 bet!!! Great Video!!!

    1. Slot Traveler

      I had them once about 2 years ago, since I can only get up to 13 or 14! Good luck to you when you try Buffalo again!

    1. Slot Traveler

      If you look further down in t he comments they may disagree with you lol! I appreciate the comment! 🙂

  22. gggggggg

    I cannot believe people give this thumbs down!!! What were they expecting????
    Nice win for a relatively small stake. Just a pity about the 30% tax

    1. Slot Traveler

      Right! Well these days if you are not betting $50-200 a spin people are disappointing, cuz you know that is what they bet as well… 😉

    1. Slot Traveler

      Wow thats pretty good! I am still stuck between 13 & 14! Really looking for that 15 head! Continued luck to you!

  23. Jean Marc Polly

    ×3×3×3 excellent..14 collected 😞 but it is very à good session.

  24. TikTok Armand Promotions Company

    Que emocionante estuvo el juego felicidades

  25. James Sum

    Those Buffalo machines hit! I love the sound of that “buffaloooooo” lol

  26. Bill Delorme

    Always a kick in the balls seeing a win this big off 1.80…

    1. Slot Traveler

      Trust I have a couple on max bet and have not even come close to this one.


    This game is very cool,i remember once with $3 bet 44 free spins and i got 14 gold heads i won $3900

  28. Slot Tour Adventures

    Congrats on your awesome luck on Buffalo. New sub here and a like for the video. Please sub back and experience my adventures as well. Thank you.👍

  29. tom samuelson

    Nice win on $1.80 bet…Max bet ,$12.00 would have been $16,000….

    1. Slot Traveler

      Dont teaseme lol! However at this local the max is only $6, but still I hear ya!


    Es suerte o realmente hay alguna técnica 🤔 nunca me ha tocado ganar 😕

  31. Amanda Danger Slots

    I just hit a jackpot on buffalo gold on my channel as well on a $1.80 bet. Great video!!

  32. ryan hughes

    are you one of those people that do the math on every spin 3×6 is 18 18×3 is 68 68×12 is 145 145×10 is 356.00 god i hate that when i win i am quiet and enjoy my game i dont purposely act stupid when there is a crowd around me. what i do tell them is ok ya won 3000.00 big deal because ive lose 30000 this year so far so im not a winner

    1. Slot Traveler

      I’m so happy we all are so different! You gravitates towards a boredom’s response to winning I gravitate towards fun! Turn that frown upside down Ryan!

  33. Denilson Menezes

    Eu gostaria de saber esse jogo ganha dinheiro em real porque estou jogando rádio tempo e não consigo transferir parte do ganho para minha conta bancários

  34. Micaela Contreras

    Hablen en español por favor por qué en inglés no en tiendo

  35. Mary Garcia

    Its very hard to get the 15 head I got 14 n still had retriggers of ,79 more games n never got the 15th head u hardly ever get it I won 7000on that game betting 360

    1. Slot Traveler

      Congrats on your win Mary, hopefully you get a huge win on it on the future! Sending good vibes!

  36. kim thomas

    Yes!! What fun huge win
    Congratulations!!! Slot traveler
    Here’s to many more in 2020

  37. Alaa von Alsburg

    I played Buffalo Gold the other night at Wild Horse Pass and did very well, not as well as u did this time but really good !!!

    1. AllCity323

      Alaa von Alsburg come on bro give us details we not gonna rob you lol

    2. Slot Traveler

      Yeah the ones at Lone Butte are not performing! So def stick with WH for now. 🙂

  38. Hartcore11

    44 spins without getting the final gold head. Machine is rigged.

  39. Robert Sconier

    For everyone u should try this slot machine I won 6k of $20 3.00 Bet

  40. Altan Timur

    This is was Stupido thinks, who bet 1,80$ for buffaloo😂😂😂

    1. Slot Traveler

      Now you need Rosetta Stone to properly create sentences! I think google translate is not enough at this point! So congrats!!!

  41. Maria Perez

    Congratulations 🎉 on your winnings and bounces Manny. Too bad it didnt give you the 15 Buffalo head! I was watching w/excitement! Still that was Awesome $1.80 wager!! WOW!! 🤑😉😎👍

    1. Slot Traveler

      I can, but here were I play its not multi-denom to allow it to go that high!

  42. silver buyer

    Holy mackerel! $3400 handpay on a $1.80 bet? Thats insane! 👏👏👏

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  44. Sid-Sf Chibani

    Juste stared my YouTube channel I would really appreciate if you subscribe to my channel

  45. Tardigrado Style

    congratulations excellent win 🙂
    I signed up for your channel, its beautiful, Im Italian

  46. David Barnett

    I wouldnt call a $3K win Massive but you did a great job 👏

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