Para garip thomas kumarhanesi

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121 thoughts on “Para garip thomas kumarhanesi

  1. SYKE

    This movie really played us with that ending I was gonna end the movie thinking that it was the same old obvious ending not enough to bring any emotions out then that just completely caught me off guard

  2. Abdallah Rashid

    I have thi feeling that 2015 movies and below are good and well acted compared to the modern ones

  3. Stan Dupp

    I shared this with my girl last night, she was like how did I miss this? She loved it and said it was the best movie she had seen in recent memory. And there have been some pretty decent ones weve watched together.

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  4. Thomas Harvey

    Found out Anton Yelchin died after reading these comments. Truly gutted he was one of my favourite actors I wondered why I haven’t seen him in anything. RIP Anton <3

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  6. Thomas Name

    Guy named Thomas who is a ghost hunter. For a moment I was thinking Thomas Carnacki. Apparently so did Dean Koonz. 😁 And from 2014, huh? Wow. I havent been watching movies or television for a long time. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  7. glasgow john


    also this would would make a great series

  8. Nguyen Quan

    Come back after almost 7 years. The ending is just killing me….

  9. Charles Benitez

    I feel they can make a sequel. something like she survive but keeping it from him until he done with the job. I mean he was just told she die. the problem here is that is seven years later.

    1. zaKazoogle Info

      @FilmIsNow Movie Trailers

      I really like the book, I’am looking to see the movie somewhere…The trailer is fantastic

  10. Mitchell Brown

    I just balled my eyes out at the very end I bet in real life the actress who died at the end of the movie still thinks Antons alive and talks to him.. one of your last interviews Anton you said you were hanging out in Astoria Oregon with your friends that’s were I grew up I wish I could have met you!!

  11. Sarah Monique

    Am I the only one who saw this on Pluto? Everyone else…Netflix…

  12. Ankita Dongarwar

    Who is here after reading the book?
    Actually my imaginary characters were much more better this!
    I wont ruin it by watching this movie, though I liked the trailer. ❤

  13. Angel heaven

    I saw this couple years ago, I swear this guys name was Todd then now its not, I remember calling my son his name is Todd to watch it another Mandela affect, Im in shock.

  14. Jordan Tolley

    Cant wait to see this film on the horror channel this April 2021 cant wait to watch it

  15. Strigoi

    I’d like to say a big fuck you to all the stupid bastards that threw spoilers right in their comments. Cunts.

  16. forever grateful

    I came here to complain why theyd ended it that way!!!! Why??!!! I like plot twist but not like this! Not like this. Why!?? 😭😭

  17. Jacob Erickson

    This makes me think of the movie Idle Hands for some reason.

  18. Beverley Ann Bailey

    yeah , yeah .. late bloomer here .. Deeply felt . RIP Anton xx

  19. lalala.

    Esse filme mostra Como é uma Pessoa com a Glândula Pineal Aberta que consegue Ver o Mundo Espiritual, se Conecte com Deus e Jesus pq a Situação Atual ainda vai piorar,
    Curiosidade; sabiam que os Anti Psicóticos tem Flúor na Composição, e que é o Flúor que Calcifica a Glândula Pineal.

  20. D. Hasan

    How tihs movie got 6.8 on IMDB?!!! I rated it 3 , zero Comedy and Zero Horror. Everything was silly.

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  21. Waldos Corner

    Idk about this one seems like they took the books which are pretty dark and pacified them for a mainstream audience ill pass

    1. FilmIsNow Movie Trailers

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us 👏 Sometimes when adapting a book into film there is not enough time to delve deep into all the aspects of the story 🍿🍿

  22. Diana Cortes

    I watched this movie a long time ago and I suddenly remembered it and had to search for it, its such a good movie

  23. The Lone Rider

    Never read this book but read many of Koontzs other novels. Really enjoyed the movie. It is worth a watch if you like his stuff and even if you dont it is a good movie.

  24. videos XD Xd

    Ninguno que hable español la ha visto????? Es muy buena con un final no muy esperado pero eso es lo intrigante

  25. Darwin Thompson

    I might watch this just cuz it has Patton Oswalt&Willem Dafoe

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      If you like Willem Dafoe, check out his thrilling new movie releasing this year 💥👉

  26. Sam Conduct

    So he basically can see demons who gather round people when something bad is going to happen? Sometimes movies can be closer to reality than we think.

  27. Blank Stares

    Hear me out…. The Bodaks are real, and Anton actually saw one awhile after the movie released and couldnt hide the fact he could see it… 😧

  28. Joseph Pajarillaga

    sad that this movie costed 35 million dollars and only got a box office of 1 million back.

    1. Stan Dupp

      I think if they had just put a little more into the advertising it wouldve done great. Fantastic movie.

  29. Cook Lee

    omfg! I didnt even know they had a movie out on this! Does anyone know where I can watch it? I love Odd Thomas and Dean Koontz novels.

  30. francildo dos santos costa Diferente

    Vim do TIKTOK, só assim aprendo inglês

  31. Christian Galesias

    the ending hit me like a bus. didn’t expect that at all

  32. Don Alarcon

    I just found out today that this is a thing, this is one my favourite books by Dean Koontz.

  33. barneyronnie

    What a consummate professional for his entire career; Hearts in Atlantis is where I first witnessed his enormous talent. I anticipated that his star would continue its rapid ascent, and I feel that many would agree that he would evolve into one of the greatest actors of his generation. Anton truly made most of the films in which he appeared. My deepest condolences to this amazing young mans family. May Your God Bless and Keep You throughout this tragedy that defies understanding. Most of All, Anton, your enormous courage in the face of illness is a lesson to us all.
    RIP Kind Sir – Your Legacy is the Joy We Experienced While Viewing Your Films – Thank You!! Doc

    1. FilmIsNow Movie Trailers

      It varies from country to country, but youll be able to find it on demand ☺️

  34. We Do Talk About What ARMY Stands For

    I remember i watched this movie but i dont remember what is it about.

  35. cjnogodula

    Literally was bored on Netflix one day and found this gold ass film like I dont understand how not more people know this film


    This movie was pretty good.

  37. Inside Barrys Mind

    Just about through reading the 8 book series, and glad of it. Im a big fan of Mr. Koontz, but this series is crap. I couldnt stand Stormy and was happy when she died. She acted like a controlling bitch! And his infatuation over her is not healthy. Anamarie is just as bad. She reminds me of the psycho lady in book two, Datura, I believe her name was. Shes annoying. All the mysterious vague talk is just annoying, Mr. Koontz. Not cute or charming.

  38. Tennessee Backwoods

    Ive never watched a movie that stuck this close to the book

  39. LeRoy Lyday

    I just watched this on Netflix, good movie, HATED THE ENDING!! it hurt twice as bad, I didn’t see his girl dying in the movie and I just found out he died in real life. I’m saddened right now. He really was a good actor, only 28 years old, may he rest easy🤦🏽‍♂️

  40. Ameerul Aqmal Malek

    Why tf did i just knew this?? I thought i watch movie like food..

  41. Horse Racing Advisor

    one of if the not most intelligent films i saw, and only he could pull that off.. such a shame that aint fair.

  42. Astro City Pyro

    The ending to this movie… completely unnecessary… making me feel things 🥺

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