Volcano Legazpi Maxbet casino para ruble için oyun PHTISIOLOGIE EPFPM ELBIBANE

Gerçek parayla kumarhanede oyna volcano kaydı. Hemen şimdi rusya’da çevrimiçi spor bahisleri yapın. Ulular üçin onlaýn oýunlar mugt ýerleri oýnaýar.

Registered: Re: Slot makineleri para için oynamak. Spor bahisleri ile ilgili eğitim programı. Gerçek parayla slot makineleri oynamak i.

Makinelerinde Maxbet casino para ruble için oyun Makinelerinde Gerçek

Telefonunuzda para volkanı için slot makinelerini indirin. Bahisçiler bahisleri kabul eder. Kişisel hesap fonbet giremezsiniz. Bk 1 Maxbet casino para ruble için oyun bahis mobil versiyon aynası. Mugt awtoulag enjamlaryny gözläň we oýnaň. Bundan 30 sene önce var olan fiziki maxbet Bet league incelemeleri onu saklamadan paylaşmaktır. Mahaçkale numarasında bahisler ligi. Maraton spor bahisleri uygulaması hakkında her şey. Bir telefon bahisinde bir bahsin iptali..

166 thoughts on “Volcano Legazpi Maxbet casino para ruble için oyun PHTISIOLOGIE EPFPM ELBIBANE

  1. ALEX Jumah

    Oh ok ok oh yes yes ok 😅😅🤣😂😂🤣 how do u guys know the major will come lol are u guys working for casino 😅😅😅

  2. Paul Benedict

    Why would you want to lose money just to have subscribers unless, of course, you are receiving ad revenue. Subscribers are not giving you any money. Just curious.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      I play slots as a hobby regardless of my channel or not. Im a monetized YouTuber, meaning, when I post videos I get a small percentage from YouTube Ad Revenue for every thousand views on my channel.

  3. Stacey Vanderkinter

    My husband won $51882.36 on July 2019 at Winstar in Oklahoma. He started out with $100.

  4. Reeso Doe

    Massive af good shit lady and dude luck good fortune to yal cheers

  5. Big A Trucking and Huskies

    Nice win. Wish we had some of ya alls luck. But still nice win.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      You know how it goes. Epic wins and epic losses! Its cool to catch the bigger ones on camera!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      After this was posted… at the time this was posted it was the biggest 🧐

  6. Auldron

    i still think many people will get hit by lightning before they experience that also im pretty sure if i stuffed the machine with 25k it would pay me out to lol good hit none the less

  7. Robbbyg

    Whats with the constant fisting? looks so stupid, actually forget that but wearing a mask? now that IS stupid

  8. Jorge Yobal


  9. Paul Benedict

    ok, I understand. I wish you luck, and that you have more wins than losses. Too bad your viewers can not see your lovely face behind that mask.

  10. MickeyD D

    So these videos are so awesome but it makes me wonder what do you do for a living??? Are they hiring at your job 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Haha. We both work in software/Marketing but have done well with investments and other items!

  11. Edward Majka

    Marathon Watching 10/7/2020 Keep On Winning You Guys, you deserve it! Have a great big meal in celebration 🎊!

  12. Jeffrey Grafton

    Hay guys love watching you kick ass on these clips , funny story once was so drunk ,I won the grand in Hamilton New Zealand and didnt know , walked away from the machine and went to my room,got up to check out and had a message to see the manager ,omg the stuff going through my mind ,big surprise 44 thousand dollars and the best hangover ever lol 😂

  13. Chris Jones

    You didnt touch Hanks girlfriend like you did him in the one video I commented on about Hank. Shows your bias against her. Great win by the way. I think you should name her Hannah.

  14. S V K

    Congrats on big win.. but the question is, are we really keeping and minting the profits from casinos.?.. hope you have not given the profits back to casino in next few days or weeks eventually coz the winning mania keeps pushing us walk back to casino again and loose the $$

    1. S V K

      @Lady Luck HQ thanks for being honest and quick reply.. I would have been much happier if you retained the profits.. I wanted to hear from atleast 1 person saying that..yay!! Im over all n grand$ profit till date.. have never met one so far.. I myself won many 5 digit amounts and eventually given back in a week or month so… So casinos are casinos.. they are only for rich class for whom no need to worry abt and having rich source of money for generations..

    2. Lady Luck HQ

      Thank you!! So, I lose more than I win so Im definitely not keeping the profits! Ended up in the red for my win loss statement in 2020.

  15. Jeffrey Hare

    Wonderful win! I picture your P. O. Box filled up with W2-G forms. Keep up the great work and all so entertaining.

  16. Ashley Duncan

    Great job I still feel like it should of paid out more considering 50 bucks a spin

  17. Nicholas March

    you must be wearing some lucky crystals or something when you play! nice win!



  19. Joshua Miels

    Don’t say it, don’t say it! Don’t say it!! “Carmannn”

  20. ecarter6141

    It’s getting bad for me, because I now watch you guys more than Netflix. Not really but…Keep up the quality – in my book you have the most intriguing jackpot videos out!

  21. Paul Benedict

    what is the use of winning if one puts it all back. When you hit the big one, you should walk out.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      We definitely didnt put it all back. Not even close. But, remember, we dont play slots to win money because in the long run, you end up losing more than winning. We play to create YT content.

  22. racialunity

    I love Dragon Link machines.. they are the only machines I play at our casino…

  23. Sheng Khang

    What casino you go can you still me I want to go go that casino to what loads cations is?

  24. peter diamantakiou

    Had to watch this last feature again it was truly amazing how much money it paid..💲

  25. Boston Slots22

    What u guys do For work damn?? Or make all this $$$ off YouTube and slot winnings?

  26. Lady Luck HQ

    Happy Sunday! The reason the credits were so high is because we took our ticket from this massive win to this machine!!

    1. Ignacio Castillo Sandoval


    2. Tonianne Venezia

      I have a few questions for you.. I love slot machines and gambling and that type of money would change my life forever.
      1. How did you get started doing this?
      2. You always have big amount of money what would you say to a beginner who wants to make alot?
      3. I go to Vegas to gamble what games would you recommend?

      Thank you! Your awesome! Congrats on your win!

    3. Moomoo James

      Next Video Show Us The Lucky Rabbit Foot💫😁 Congrats Luv💃

    4. Lightning Autumn

      Glad that I read the comment first before continue to watch your video. Because I was wondering why the credit was so high on the next morning hahahahah

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Lucy – I think the word youre looking for is annoying not enoig. Also, if you dont like my videos, then you dont have to watch!

  27. scooter1977

    I mean its great but regular people cant afford $100 a spin…just saying lol. My casino budget would yield me two spins per trip at that bet level!

  28. Carol Johnson

    Beautiful people always win congratulations on your big winners!!!!

  29. Benjamin Latari

    All your business and your VIP, sorry guys looking one days she how much put money 💰 in the machine, more than Queen money, little bit thinking about money 💰, who give for her and anytime come one VIP, please smart thinking about this women, so sorry anyone 🙏👍

  30. Martha Marlin

    Love your videos. You guys are awesome. You have hit some nice wins and your still humble to appreciate them all. Here’s to many more wins!!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Thank you Martha!! These wins are far and few between so we have to appreciate them since theyre so rare!

  31. Lorieta Lovings

    Lady luck I no how you feel.. I was at Hollywood casino….when I went in I told my husband I wont to be singing that jackpot song lady luck be singing.. I went into high limits. I had 100 dollars I was playing golden century 5.00 at 10 cents spins so I won 550 dollars so i I change my money to 1.00 spins at 25.00. I got 75.00 so iwas going to play down to my 400 dollars and leave.. lady luck was shining down on me minor ball worth 5000 dollars.. i just couldnt believe it i was like what happened wow i left with 6 grand that day only in the casino for fithteen minutes… split some with hubby.. its fun when you win

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      OMG that is amazing — congrats Lorieta!!!!! I am happy to hear you had an exciting time and made some money =) Cheers to many more!!!

  32. donald weigel

    This was a cool hit and all but if you think about it you only got 167 more spins.. we know that won’t go far

  33. Priscilla Tudela

    Watching your video always makes me happy your hitting big jackpot. From Saipan CMNI near Guam.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Wow!!! Thats so awesome! Thank you for coming by! Is there a casino in Saipan?

  34. enokido20

    It would be nice to see people actually work for their money instead of watching them gamble what theyve never earned.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      How do you think I have money to gamble? It doesnt just magically fall from the sky. This is just an expensive hobby for me.

  35. darren westlow

    Do you guys fist bump when you go to the toilet also? Or the bar?

    1. darren westlow

      @Lady Luck HQ fist bumps to you and your channel from Melbourne Australia! I am subscribing now 😁

    2. darren westlow

      @Lady Luck HQ oh no Youtubing certainly isnt for me. Im happy just taking it all in. But it is great to see that if you do put your mind to it and find an audience you can make a fantastic living!

    3. Lady Luck HQ

      @darren westlow awesome! Glad you found it helpful. Its a cool ecosystem and if consistent on it, it can yield nice results! Takes a while though

    4. darren westlow

      @Lady Luck HQ just watched your breakdown video on how much Youtubers make….always wondered and have googled it many times but never really made sense. That was very informative, thank you!

  36. mytang1967

    LOL, you know you have a gambling problem when you mimic the sounds of a slot machine

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Lol. Im sorry for wasting your time with an epic video. Im sure your vids on these big wins are much bigger

  37. Maria Ponce

    This is so weird they always win,Ng slots and Bomba pretty much bet as much and never win as much as you guys do 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Perhaps watch some of my videos 🤷‍♀️ there are a ton of non profitable sessions

  38. Stunna Barbie

    How do you handle the paying taxes part? Do you let them take them out right then I enjoy gambling but I don’t think it’s fair they want so much In taxes yet when we lose they give us nothing

  39. Matthew Tulinski

    Is it ironic when the jackpot won isnt even as much as what they had in the machine to start?

  40. MaximMate

    In all of the state of NSW in Australia the MAX bet is $10 unless you can get into the VIP section of the biggest casinos. 🙁

    1. MaximMate

      @Lady Luck HQ yeah it’s in the other states – I know the Australian state of Queensland has bigger bets but the state I’m in (NSW) is legislated at $10 apart from extremely high rollers clubs

    2. Lady Luck HQ

      Interesting! I thought Ive seen some Aussies betting big on Aristocrat machines online?

  41. Robert Hernandez

    Hi beautiful ! How are you doing ? Don’t call him Lovey-dovey I get jealous when you call him like that Lol!!🤣 He’s ugly for you ha ha Ha big hug for you wish you good luck Robert from Los Angeles


    I dont understand why people blow all this money on these machines some people have way to much money

  43. Thomas N

    this is fun first you start with 1600 dollar thats is what i get in payment from my work each month next day you start with over 20000dollar who are a normal year payment from our job. are you like miljonar or somthing noone normal have afford to play like you doing haha. but its fun to se

  44. Arthur Scratcher

    Hi HQ Have you ever fill the screen with suns? Congrats on the wins!!!!!

  45. Celia Gorleski

    Numbers like this dont exist in my world. But then the taxes youll pay dont exist in my world either.

  46. Shanen Davy

    I think its sad you put that much money in a pokie machine when there are people in this world that cant even afford a meal 7 days a week

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      I alone can not cure world hunger however I do do my far share of trying to help out in my community —- —

  47. tonya graham

    Congratulations Slot Queen and Slot Hubby Priceless Proud Moments all the way from Pittsburgh

    1. 𝐑on 𝐘ates 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 •

      Thanks for watching this video text me,I have something personal to share with you

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      This is definitely not a replay. I posted a video today that is a YouTube Short that is the recap of this one.

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