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108 thoughts on “Bond filmlerinin savaş kumarhanesi oyunu

  1. Mohd Abdulrahman

    Superman was too busy to save the world? He could have just ended it in seconds

  2. Amontono

    Best DCU film since 2008 (batman the dark night)!!!

    Except for The Joker 2019.

  3. Rusty

    I mean the movie was all great, but even in the movies The Americans tend to interfere in another country matters, You guys just lost a war in Afghanistan !

    1. Aschenputtel L

      Thats the best part of this movie. This movie is actually calling out Americas hypocrisy. They interfered another countrys problem because they were the ones who made the problems.

  4. Kostan Sunichuk

    I mean seems cool but I wanted Harley and Joker love story to continue

  5. venkat raman

    this movie is dumb only nudity cruelty thatsall there is no adventure action romance sentiment like first one ….. and finally i found IMDB ratings are fake this movie not worth 7.5/10 despite first one is 5.9/10 ….totally this movie is shit.

  6. Unknown Mystery

    This movie is insane I love ITTT ♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. GOD AK killer YT Gaming🇮🇳✔️

    Today I look this movie. .super mind blowing movie

  8. Homelander2099 V

    This movie’s waaaay better than the first one. Not the best, but decent.

    On a sidenote: Harley Quinn could easily be DC’s female version of Deadpool, but they clearly have no idea how to use her. The actress plays it right, its just the story doesn’t really let her shine. Not just from this movie but from the other two movies she was in.

  9. L.Pasteur

    So, how does this movie fit with the first one? Is this really a sequel or it is independent? Or do we pretend the first one never existed since it seemed that movie was widely panned?

  10. FIST2k8

    Margot Robbie once again brilliant but as for the rest? Peter Capaldi was đreadful..John Cena cant act for shit Daniela M was very good the rest pretty moderate….story was way too muvh comic bookish to such an extent it got stupid silly…Idris..much overrated…6/10

    1. Black Sicilian

      Its all fake hype, fake accounts, fake likes on comments. Everything fake about this piece of shit movie

  11. Jana F

    Y’all are crazy if you think this movie is better than the first

  12. Jules Gaerlan

    Idris elba charactet role same in Shaw & Hobbs play a cyborg can be defeated

  13. kox mwanza

    This suicide….
    Thats kind of our thing.
    Now that is one good damn 👌👏👍line

  14. Shadow_keepsake8

    Slow clap to the DC studios they have made it perfect once more!!

  15. ☠︎︎ᗩᗷᗷ𝑬𝑹ᗩ丅Ꭵᗝᑎ

    Why in the heck is the word splooging replaced by splooting ….??😑😑

  16. Guilherme Palma

    Worst movie ever. To much violence, it didnt make sense, it ruined the original. It was terrible I really dont understand how people like. Nothing on this movie was right.

  17. ben lerond

    i am a fan of movies like this but this movie is overrated the first one is way better 6,5/10

  18. James Cassidy

    Total utter shite. Incredibly bad waste of everyone’s time & money.

  19. Arshdeep

    Worst movie i ever watched, have to walk out of theatre in middle

  20. Roee Bostic

    ……I left the movie early…..them actors cus me out of their …..the f you between father and daughter in the movie ( they kept it going) ….like thats normal? ….no morals movie…..and some saying its the best movie they ever ??? .( thats crazy!)….these are the last days folks …..Jesus Christ is soon to come back….Amen

    1. Tnkrhll

      @Roee Bostic Dude, you guys literally harbour p*dos and glorify murder. I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon and pour bleach in the sockets than join your religion…which ironically your murder god was probably pretty fond of.

    2. Tnkrhll

      Fine with graphic, bloody, cruel murder, has a problem with swearing. Religious dumb dumbs in a nutshell.

  21. Hilmi Eddie

    For those wondering the song, its Dirty Work by Steely Dan. Classic!

  22. Fired Up Players

    The song is perfect. James Gunn was a fool doing the other guys dirty work. James Gunn mopped up the shit stains from 2016 😆

  23. ben H

    Bruh why y’all keep hyping this movie? it was boring affff gave me a headache watching it first one was better

  24. BarbiqueRibs

    I wish I could watch this with someone man being alone sucks but when the movie first started I cant believe everything went south is fast

  25. Sabrina De Anda

    It’s really not a good movie. They tried way too hard to make it funny. I don’t even know why John Cena is in this movie. Although Viola Davis and Margot Robbie did a great acting and made me like the movie just a little bit. The beginning scene was good and then it became bad when they introduced the new suicide squad.

  26. Gio Rosso

    A good film, very nice to watch at the end of the credits, its high time to forget about the black and white format at the end of each film! At this time, a person is filled with impressions and is predisposed to advertising in the credits, bright and relevant! For example, delicious food for a fixed amount in the same shopping center, and so on. The main thing is that it would be bright and original as in this film. In the name of producing quality relaxation😆

  27. Boss Animz

    We can all agree the both MCU and DCEU heroes was saved by rats.

  28. videakias3000

    looks like an other low effort style over substance trash that I am going to skip.
    the the fact that the trailer is not clear about what their mission even is is a big red flag.

    1. videakias3000

      @Aschenputtel L trailer didnt spoil the movie?
      Trailers are not suppossed to do that you know.

      They are suppossed to show what the movie even is about.
      This trailer does not show what their mission is about,therefore it does bad job.
      And whats up with the kaiju in the end of the traileer?that looks like something the director force into the movie.

    2. Aschenputtel L

      Lmfao, this is actually the first time I saw someone complaining about how a trailer didnt spoiled the movie. If you like predictable movies, I suggest you watch Dora the explorer.

  29. Eliza Jackson

    I didnt like it at all the first on is the best I didnt like number 2 too much blood and terrible my brother cant even watch this movie Im so disappointed but the all of the actors and actress are well played the role especially harley quinn my favorite.

  30. Sylvia Gonzalez

    The superb coil semiannually wait because swiss greely sneeze through a jumpy streetcar. shrill, gainful libra

  31. The Wrapfectionist - Wrap Tonic

    i just watched this and the visuals and camera work alone will blow you away. This one is a definite watch!

  32. Mxngo bxbbls

    Amanda whales or however you spell it died the suicide squad and she has come back from the death? 😬

  33. Moses Gonzalez

    I feel like Scary Movie had better humor than this movie..

  34. Oasis B

    Such bs that Pete Davidson dies in the first 10 minutes. Pete Davidson is the only reason why i watched this. Turned it off

  35. lymere

    We haven’t had a movie this good, in a 𝗩𝗲𝗿𝘆 long time.

    1. lymere

      @johny guitar we haven’t had a real classic like this where u can’t even argue with how good it was in a pretty long time.

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